Vision Pro Optical Latency

The folks over at OptoFidelity have posted an analysis of the optical latency of the Vision Pro. They market a really slick-looking test device called BUDDY for headsets and have run the Vision Pro and competing headsets through some benchmarks.

As you probably expect if you’ve used a Vision Pro, it scores quite well in the most direct measure of latency. “Photon-to-photon” latency captures how long it takes light in the real world to traverse through the headsets sensors and on device processing, to generation of an image on screen and finally to perception at the approximate location of the wearer’s retina. They measured an astonishing 11ms for the Vision Pro. This is in line with Apple’s claim of around 12ms and substantially better than the competitors which are all closer to 40ms.

They go even deeper in a couple of other benchmarks that test angular motion to photon latency and jitter. The Vision Pro scores under typical human perception in these tests, though not quite as well as some of the Meta and HTC hardware.